Concurso internacional de urbanismo

PROPUESTA: Parkway Play

AÑO:          2013

CIUDAD:      San Francisco

SINTESIS:     By identifying the people of San Francisco we can find a variety of backgrounds with different customs, that generates some degree of                                  fractionation in society. The group activities related to sports, physical activity, leisure and outdoor promotes relationships and linkages in the                        total social spectrum, highlighting the values ​​and companionship in a relaxed and healthy atmosphere, promoting a solid foundation of a                            homogeneous society with own identity and common objectives. If the purpose of the competition is the permeability and connectivity to a                            current secluded area, we propose situations that not only behold it physically, but also social mode.

PLAY PARKWAY After analyzing and evaluating the situation of San Francisco City, we noticed that, although it has enough green areas with lush vegetation, in some built zones, as Mission Bay and its surroundings, a lack of green spaces appears. That’s why, among the possibilities offered in the contest, we chose to use the six parcels. We studied the plans to build large roads and develop outdoor activities in Mission Bay, where we were able to spot two different green areas, Mission Creek Park / Garden and Mission Bay Boulevard. These spaces are located on the Southwest, Northeast, West and East of Mission Bay. Therefore, we propose a third green zone called PLAY PARKWAY, which communicates the Southeast with the Northwest. In this way, we will succeed in linking the whole surrounding areas in Mission Bay and the future activities that will be developed inside them. This linear park will bring out not only an effective and friendly relationship with other areas, in a longitudinal and perpendicular way, but also a more fluid connection. As the environment includes sport-related activities our Project is focused in building several sport courts along the area where PLAY PARKWAY will be located. It will also have a treadmill next to a bike path with a group of hills that will get increasingly steeper, reaching its most intense peak at the bridge. On one of its sides, the treadmill will border with a medium-density vegetation area and will include a pedestrian sidewalk. On the other side, it will show a walking path to stroll that will link with the sport areas. The park will offer resting places and playgrounds, as well as fitness spaces devoted to the rehabilitation of patients under treatments. San Francisco young people and the future UCSF facilities will bring up the need of building new spaces to develop healthy outdoor activities. This information was taken in account at the moment we thought about the features the new park required. The three areas will converge at a point located in the parcel 3, that, in our Project, will house a group of bridges built over a Canal which borders with Mission Bay on the north. Its morphology symbolizes what it really is, indeed: a node in mechanical communication routes (highway), which will turn into a pedestrian communication node, reducing and adapting the scale, offering users pleasant functional, communicational and living experiences. These bridges will be placed at different heights and guidelines offering a variety of sights in San Francisco, standing out the whole Mission Bay. From the highest point, people will be able to appreciate San Francisco Bay, Potrero Hill Neighborhood, Twin Peaks and Downtown, among other attractions, reaching a connection not only physical but also visual with the rest of the city. These connectors will constitute a new esthetic and functional milestone of interest in the city that will appeal to both genuine residents and visitors.

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